Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Moogerfooger Videos!

Here are a couple more Moogerfooger videos I posted on YouTube. The first one is called Modern Jazz Moogerfoogers, using a patch I got that sounded very much to me like an avant-garde modern jazz improvisation; something in the vein of Ornette Coleman or Eric Dolphy. Parts of it sound like a couple of horn players blowing hard bop & free jazz through some kind of funky effects filter. The saxophone type timbres are fairly convincing at times. I'm definitely hearing snippets of tenor and baritone sax in there; maybe some bass clarinet as well. There's also a brief interlude of this frenetic funky slap bass sound.

Here's another patch I got on my rack of Moogerfoogers. This one ended up sounding pretty rude, so the 5-year-old in me just had to record it. Once again, the only sound generators/ sound modulators are the Moogers you see in the video (not counting a brief instance of cellphone audio interference). I did a good bit of knob twiddling in this one to give you a better idea of what's patched in and what's controlling what. Maybe I should start writing down the patches and settings, but I prefer to unplug everything and start over rather than trying to recreate any particular sound.

Again, you can find the full range of Moog Music Moogerfoogers available for sale at the FMO Gear Shop.

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