Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wanna see our display case?

Here's a shot of one of our two display cases that shows what the back of the FMO Gear Shop looked like a couple of years ago. Both display cases are up at the front of the shop now. We had to make room for Greg's bench, which is now right about where the display case is in this picture.
The door to the right goes to the stock & storage room. You can also see my monstrous Leslie 925 on the left behind the display case. And hanging on the wall in the middle of course is our For Musicians Only banner, which we bring to guitar shows and other such occasions. If you click on these little pictures, you can see what kinds of goodies are in the display case. Go ahead, take a peak...

I can see some brand new pedals from Electro-Harmonix, Empress Effects, Blackout Effectors, and Red Witch. There are also used and vintage pedals; some Ibanez and Boss pedals, a couple of DOD pedals, an original A/DA Flanger, a Bixonic Expandora, and a Hot Chili Tubester. There's other stuff in there, but it's hard to see. Oh, by the way, all the wooden box Electro-Harmonix pedals are from my personal collection. Speaking of personal collection, you should see what's in the other display case!

On top of the display case are two Electro-Harmonix tube display cases. The one on the left is filled with (appropriately enough) tubes, as well as lots of different DR strings. The tube case on the right contains some favorites from my boutique pedal collection. Finally, in the middle of the top of the display case is one of our 4 (four!) George L's Cable Warehouse kits. Yeah, four is a bit excessive, but I got every one of them on package trade deals of various kinds that were too good to pass up. The bulk cable and 1/4" plugs are great to have around and they've come in handy on many occasions. Yeah, this is a fun job.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

You thought we forgot, didn't you?

Blog? What blog? Oh yeah, that's right... we have a blog! Well, we didn't forget about it, we've just been very (very) neglectful of it. It's not like there hasn't been anything going on either - there's tons of interesting stuff going on all the time. We just never seem to have a chance to sit down and make a blog post.

In all honesty though, the thing that often gets in the way of me posting is my nit-picky perfectionism. I can complicate making a piece of toast. No really, check out this old blog post - The toaster over is broken

Anyway, I'm not gonna promise we'll post every week or anything. As soon as I do that, I'm liable break my promise. I will say this though... we already have a couple of blog posts just about ready to go. After that, who knows? Maybe we'll just keep it going. I guess you'll just have to check in and see.