Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Black Cat Vibe Demo by Just Nick

We've been a little remiss in our blog updates as of late. The Black Cat Vibe has been taking up most of our time in trying to get it launched and available for sale. Not to worry though, we have a hefty backlog of stuff to post about. So we'll be sure to get all of it up in the next coming weeks for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of the Black Cat Vibe, here's a truly awesome video by Nick Jaffe (Just Nick) of the Black Cat Vibe. Nick did a great job on this one (as usual). I like the way he digs deep and discovers all the various nuances in the pedals that he demos. In this demo he shows how great the Black Cat Vibe sounds with some fingerstyle jazz comping, proving once and for all that you do not need to play Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, or Robin Trower licks to demo a Vibe effect.

A little side note: at the end of the video, Nick appears to say "Black Kit." That's apparently due to his Chicago accent. Be sure to check out Just Nick's YouTube channel for more of his great video demos.