Thursday, July 15, 2010

Black Cat Germanium OD-Fuzz

Germanium Fuzz Lovers, rejoice! Black Cat Pedals is now offering a Germanium version of the popular Black Cat OD-Fuzz. Responding to many customer requests for an OD-Fuzz with Germanium transistors, Black Cat is now offering the Black Cat OD-Fuzz with the Germanium transistor option as a $15 upgrade.

The Black Cat Germanium OD-Fuzz is essentially the same as a standard Black Cat OD-Fuzz, except the Fuzz Face side uses two NOS 1960s metal can RCA Germanium transistors. It cleans up well when you roll back the volume on the guitar, and does everything that people have come to expect from a good Germanium Fuzz Face. It also meshes amazingly well with the OD-1 side of the OD-Fuzz.

The Black Cat Germanium OD-Fuzz ($225) is just the thing for those who like their fuzz warm and woolly. While the standard Black Cat OD-Fuzz ($210) still uses NOS Philips BC108 transistors, for those who prefer their fuzz with a silicon sizzle. For more information, check out

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black Cat Pedals Video!

Here's a video that was shot by the folks at Premier Guitar magazine at the NY Amp Show. Greg and I are both stunningly articulate, though I can't vouch for photogenic qualities (that's why we let Sara model the shirts). This was shot rather late into the show, after I had done a full day of demoing and talking, so I was pretty beat. Greg sounds way more peppy and alert here.