Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black Cat Pedals Video!

Here's a video that was shot by the folks at Premier Guitar magazine at the NY Amp Show. Greg and I are both stunningly articulate, though I can't vouch for photogenic qualities (that's why we let Sara model the shirts). This was shot rather late into the show, after I had done a full day of demoing and talking, so I was pretty beat. Greg sounds way more peppy and alert here.


  1. Nice!!! This is what I'm talkin about - I didn't even know you guys did this! Way to keep a secret, Tom. What else do you have brewing up that sleeve?

  2. Yeah..........way not to say my good buddy from Chi-Town challenged me to this MKI build and he is one hell of a fox trot dancer!! I still love ya mang! Keep up the good work. P.S. Americano S/N 001 is doing great and knocking the pictures straight off the wall!!!

  3. Pablo X already was "The Man", Black Cat pedals made him "The Champ"!!