Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modular Moogerfooger Madness

Modular Moogerfooger Madness

Here's a video I made last week featuring some truly bizarre sounds I got using several Moog Music Moogerfoogers. I was playing around with some patches on my rack of Moogers and it ended up sounding so weird, I decided to make a video. All sounds in this clip are generated and modulated by Moogerfoogers. Not all of them are hooked up for this patch, but the ones that are include the MF-107 FreqBox, MF-101 Low-Pass Filter, MF-102 Ring Modulator, MF-103 12-Stage Phaser, MF-105 MuRF, MF-104SD Super Analog Delay, and CP-251 Control Processor (plus EP-2 Expression Pedal).

There were some very freaky vocal sounds happening here. Really weird (and kind of spooky when you're in a room alone with this stuff. Don't ask me how it was patched, I probably wouldn't be able to get the same sound again if I tried... BTW, I should dutifully mention that we sell the full line of Moogerfoogers at the FMO Gear Shop.

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