Sunday, July 22, 2012

Looodwig Von Synthi-Fünk Guitärrenshtüff (Ludwig Phase II)

Here's a quick, off-the-cuff video demo of a Ludwig Phase II Guitar Synthesizer that we were testing before shipping it off to a customer (Hey Glenn!). We weren't trying to do a full-fledged demo, just having a last bit of fun while we still had it.

The ultra-funkinated guitar playing is courtesy of our own Mikey T (a.k.a. Keyboard Mike), who's actually a left-handed keyboard player jamming out on a right-handed guitar. Not too shabby, I'd say. I'm shooting the video with an iPhone and tweaking some of the settings. The Ludwig Phase II is know for that vocal "Yoy-Yoy Yoy-Yoy" sound, and variations thereof. The variation on this particular unit that day seemed to be more along the lines of "Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi."

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