Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sneak Peek: the NEW Black Cat Vibe!

The new BLACK CAT VIBE is (almost) here! We're scheduled to begin production on the stompbox version next week, and hope to have the original half-rack version started before the end of the summer. Keep reading to find out more...

The Black Cat Vibe was the flagship of the original Black Cat product line. It garnered a reputation among many as the best Univibe recreation ever made, and can still be found in the rigs of many well-known players. We've taken every measure to ensure that the new Black Cat Vibe will sound identical to its legendary predecessor. In addition, we've incorporated some improvements that will allow each unit to be more durable, reliable and consistently produced than the originals.

The original Black Cat Vibe was most often packaged as a half rack space unit, although there were a couple of stompbox versions, such as the Black Cat Vibe 2000. Anticipating the preference of most players, we've focused our efforts on developing a stompbox version first, with a half-rack version to follow soon. Here's a sneak peek at what the new Black Cat Vibe will look like: >>>>>>>

The Black Cat Vibe is fairly labor intensive and requires a great deal more skill to build than most guitar pedals, so the initial run will be built exclusively by our Master Technician, Greg Radawich. Given the amount of interest and email inquiries we've received over the past couple of years, we're expecting the initial demand to exceed the number of units Greg can build per day.

Since we cannot yet guarantee definite delivery dates, we will NOT be accepting pre-orders. Therefore, it seems the best option is to start a wait list for anyone interested in ordering the new Black Cat Vibe. We're not expecting to have (and will do our best to avoid) an excessively long waiting list. We just don't want to accept payments until we actually have products available and ready to ship.

To get on the Black Cat Vibe waiting list, simply email us your request to get on the list. Customers will be contacted in the order in which their requests were received. There's no obligation to buy the pedal, so you always have the option to pass when your number comes up. And you don't have to make payment until we contact you to let you know your pedal is ready. Then you can specify which version you'd like - stompbox or half-rack - when you make your payment. Remember, there's no obligation, so if you think you may be interested in getting the new Black Cat Vibe then you'll definitely want to go ahead and get on the list. You can reply to this thread (we'd like that actually), but that won't get you on the list. Please send us an email if you want to get on the list.

Okay, let's take a minute here to answer a few questions that you may be having about the new Black Cat Vibe:

- The original Black Cat Vibe sold for $399 (plus $50 to add an expression jack). The NEW Black Cat Vibe will retail for $334.95 USD. That's $64.05 less than the original, and the NEW Black Cat Vibe comes already equipped with the expression jack to control the speed. (You can use a standard expression pedal, such as Roland EV-5 or Moog EP-2).

- The NEW Black Cat Vibe uses a 12V AC power supply, just like the original. Your new Black Cat Vibe will come with its own 12V AC adapter (USA 120V AC only at this time).

- Somebody wants a demo? Well, we're not quite finished tweaking, but okay. Here's a link to a (very) rough demo we made on YouTube:

You can expect a confirmation reply from us within 48 hours after we receive your request with an ETA for when your pedal will be ready. Then we'll contact you again when your pedal is ready to ship. Thanks!

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