Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trash Cat!

I don't think we ever publicly introduced our custom made Black Cat pedalboard from Trailer Trash. This was a special request from my Black Cat business partner Hugo, who wanted a custom 100 percent Black Cat pedalboard after seeing my own personal glow-top pedalboard that Rooster from Trailer Trash built for me a few years ago.

The board includes every single production model Black Cat pedal, plus a few Black Cat Custom one-offs that Greg built especially for the board. We've officially dubbed the board Trash Cat, short for Trailer Trash/Black Cat.

The picture doesn't quite do justice to the board – in person, it's a showstopper... literally! We took it with us to the NY Amp Show, and every other person who walked by did a double-take, often stopping to ask questions or just gawk. It was a lot of fun just to see people's reactions.

1 comment:

  1. Seriously Tom, that thing is effin sexy. Mad props, my friend.