Thursday, May 6, 2010

FMO Customer of the Month - 5/10

For some strange reason, that I won't even begin to question, our sales over the past couple of months have been absolutely phenomnal. It seems like everything has picked up all at once - our custom and repair work, vintage sales, and new dealers for Black Cat Pedals. At first, I thought it must be a fluke, but the orders and requests just keep coming.

Among all this activity, there is one particular customer who really stands out - our new Canadian friend, Mr. David Sheeler. David is a vintage effects collector with exquisite taste who just discovered the FMO Gear Shop on the web. A great match! For we all know, the FMO Gear Shop has more vintage effects than any place else on the web. We helped David add several prime pieces to his collection, including a Tycobrahe PedalFlanger, an original Vox Clyde McCoy, and an original MXR Blue Box. As if that weren't enough, Dave's a super nice guy who's been great to deal with. Thanks Dave!

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