Sunday, July 5, 2009

Check out Quincy Mumford!

So my cousin Chris sent me this CD of his son Quincy's first album. This happens from time to time, as I'm usually known as "the musician" in most circles I'm in. So people who have (or whose kids have) musical aspirations are often solicitous of my opinion. Now, I have to say, my expectations were not great - after all, Quincy Mumford is just 17. I even put off listening, anticipating the need to make obligatory nice noises at the next family gathering (heh heh). So imagine my surprise when I finally got to check out Quincy's self-titled debut album, Quincy Mumford.
Quincy Mumford Let's put it this way - when it comes to music, I'm fairly jaded and not easily impressed... I was impressed. For me, that's saying a lot! The songs were fluid and coherent, not at all what I was expecting from someone so young. Style-wise, Quincy does proudly wear his influences on his sleeve. He could easily pass as Jack Johnson's long lost little brother, with a little Dave Matthews and John Mayer on the side. The production and arrangements are top-notch, and compliment Quincy's songs perfectly. There's even a good dose of vintage keyboards woven in throughout the album - always a welcome addition in my book. So check out and keep an eye on this kid. Believe me, Quincy Mumford is going places.

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