Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Things Done

The past couple of weeks have been super productive! I'm really pleased to have finally gotten to complete some longstanding repairs that somehow got started and never finished. Lest I misrepresent myself, I should explain that I haven't suddenly transformed into this super high-achieving technical wizard. All credit rightfully goes to our new fulltime tech, Greg Radawich.

 I hired Greg a few weeks ago to work on our secret pedal project, which we'll be introducing in the next month or so (at which point it will no longer be a secret). Greg has been building pedals on his own for the past five years and recently moved back to this area, so it was a great match! We had a little downtime while waiting for some parts, so I dug out all my unfinished projects and repairs for Greg to work on. He whipped through them with ease and got them all working. It worked out so well, we've even started doing repairs for a few other people as well.

As things progressed, we started discussing the idea of launching an official FMO Custom Shop for one-off builds, mods, repairs, rehousing pedals, etc. As soon as I get a chance, I'll be adding a page to the Gear Shop that has a comprehensive list of services we'll be offering. Stay tuned for more...

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