Friday, October 28, 2011

Special Edition Black Cat Halloween Pedals!

Halloween is just around the corner, and this is the BEST time of year to have a Black Cat cross your path! To help celebrate our favorite time of year, we made a small batch of Halloween themed OD-1, Super Fuzz, Mini Trem and OD-Fuzz pedals. The artwork features our notorious Black Cat, accompanied by flying bats and a witch on a broomstick, all silhouetted by a giant yellow harvest moon.

Our super talented graphic designer Sarah Radawich wasn't available to help with this one, so I ended up doing the graphic myself. The process was more painful and took much longer than having it done by a professional, but I eventually came up with something suitable. It really forced me to face my fear of vector graphics and aversion to Adobe Illustrator. I'm sure Sarah would've come up with something better, but I'd say it's not too shabby for an amateur attempt. Whaddaya think?


  1. That's very cool. I wish I had one of those. I have two Black Cat pedals, one being the OD-1, and really dig the sparkle finish, but these Halloween styled ones are neat to see. Tone on OD-1 isn't too shabby, either. Not just a pretty looker! :)