Friday, June 25, 2010

New Pedal - Black Cat Custom Professional MKII

Black Cat Custom is at it again. In the vein of the infamous Black Cat Tone Bender MKI Americano, we have created the Black Cat Custom Professional MKII. Like the MKI Americano, the Professional MKII began as a special request from a customer, but this time we only made two additional pedals (still available for sale as of this writing).

The Black Cat Custom Professional MKII is our take on the iconic 1960s Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII, made famous by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton among others. The Black Cat MKII is wired point-to-point on double turrets, just like the MKI Americano. However, we opted for a more traditional approach, rather than repeating the Americano theme.

Our component selection for the MKII reflects an old-school British flair, using a Newmarket NKT274 and two Philips OC75 transistors, Mullard tropical fish capacitors, and the board material is made from genuine Stonehenge bluestone (okay, I made that last part up). In all seriousness, the Black Cat Professional MKII is everything we could want in a great MKII Tone Bender.

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  1. Tom,
    Do you still have one for sale, and can I wash dishes or something to pay for it?
    Will Workforgear